IFSEC India: Vision of the Security Industry

UBM India has successfully concluded its 11th edition of the three-day International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) India Expo 2017 held on 6-8 December in New Delhi.

The show brought together international business experts. The key government officials on one common platform to discuss global best practices and concepts such as smart cities, and to seek solutions for challenges in the security and fire domain.

It also provided informative demos and a wealth of opportunities for the visitors to network. Learn about cutting-edge technologies, industry trends, challenges, market insights and discover the best solutions to keep their business and clients secured.

The inaugural ceremony of IFSEC India 2017 took place in the presence of key dignitaries such as –

  • Gopal K Pillai, Chairman, Data Security Council of India & Former Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
  • Shiv Charan Yadav, President, Asian Professional Security Association (APSA)
  • Anil Dhawan, Co-Chair, ASSOCHAM Homeland Security
  • Commander Deepak Uppal, Director, Price water house Coopers (PwC)
  • Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India
  • Pankaj Jain, Group Director, UBM India, amidst an august industry gathering.

This year, the expo saw participation from countries such as –

  1. UK,
  2. USA,
  3. China,
  4. Taiwan,
  5. Malaysia,
  6. Australia,
  7. Canada,
  8. Singapore,
  9. Lithuania,
  10. South Africa,
  11. Russia,
  12. Turkey etc.,

from the commercial security domain, and displayed over 300 brands.

The Expo was supported by –

  • Asian Professional Security Association (APSA),
  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS),
  • Electronic Security Association of India (ESAI),
  • Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI)
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC),

along with Assocham as Strategic Partner and PwC as the Knowledge Partner.

Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM India said,

“The flourishing economy and rapid growth in sectors such as – airports, construction, energy, ports, telecom, railways, road and retail, coupled with the influx of multinational companies. Have been the primary driving force for creating demand for the security industry.

The government of India has also made its intention clear to revamp the country’s ailing infrastructure. By announcing new airports, ports, and by building 100 smart cities across the nation. While implementing these schemes, it is necessary that the aspects of ‘safety’ and ‘security’ which are of prime concerns in urban areas are also incorporated.”

PwC, the knowledge partner of IFSEC India launched a white paper on ‘Maximising the benefits of a command and control center (CCC)’. That primarily talks about today’s key challenges of command and control center (CCC) utilization for the concept of operations and co-locating various command centers for integrated operations.

With the increasing focus on Homeland security in India. IFSEC India 2017 conducted a one day conference with the theme ‘Secure Nation and Safer Environment’ alongside the exhibition. Where relevant insights gained in the global security market were discussed.

IFSEC India also convened their 2nd edition of IFSEC India Awards. The electronic security industry in India is proliferating.

The awards were crafted to felicitate the minds behind the security of various industry verticals like BFSI, retail and manufacturing, energy, healthcare, PSUs, IT & ITES, and infrastructure in the limelight.

The awards recognized the excellence and innovations of CSOs and security officers who continuously work behind the scenes to ensure robust security.

Yogesh Mudras  Managing Director, UBM IndiaWith the need for robust and updated security technologies to gain momentum with each passing day, UBM India through IFSEC India 2017 showcased the latest know-how in the industry and deciphered relevant insights gained in the global security market. It provided an opportunity to its exhibitors and visitors to discover the best solutions to keep their business and clients secure amongst a showcase of innovative products
– Yogesh Mudras
 Managing Director, UBM India

Anil Dhawan  Co-Chairman, Homeland Security Committee, ASSOCHAM & Managing Director, DB Secure Solution Private LimitedUBM India has maintained its leadership in security industry yet again with its 11th edition of
IFSEC India 2017. The expo exhibited a wide range of innovative security products and solutions,      convened a one day conference on Homeland Security and Smart Cities in association with  ASSOCHAM, and conducted an award ceremony for end users representing Government, Public sector, and Private sectors. It is a true platform for security professionals to interact and develop knowledge
– Anil Dhawan
 Co-Chairman, Homeland Security Committee, ASSOCHAM &
Managing Director, DB Secure Solution Private Limited

Khwaja Saifuddin  Sr. Sales Director, South Asia, ME & Africa, Western DigitalIFSEC provides an opportunity for the surveillance and system integrator industries to come together to exchange ideas, showcase the latest technologies and discuss industry issues and trends. As a leader in storage solutions for surveillance systems. Western Digital considers IFSEC to be an important event in our marketing calendar
– Khwaja Saifuddin
Sr. Sales Director, South Asia, ME & Africa, Western Digital

G. K. Pillai  Chairman, DSCI & Former Home Secretary,Government of IndiaIt is the ardent need for policymakers to get more serious about adopting technologies in homeland
security due to the growing threats from terrorists and other extremist organizations
– G. K. Pillai
Chairman, DSCI & Former Home Secretary, Government of India


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