Android Pie beta rolls out soon for Samsung Galaxy S9

Google released Android 9.0 Pie in early August, with only Pixel and Pixel 2 phones being eligible for the upgrade.

Various other smartphone makers offered Pie betas at the same time and some of them will make Android 9.0 available to their customers soon.

Samsung? Not so much. But the Korean Android device maker is preparing to release its customary beta program for Google’s latest operating system.

Samsung’s help pages for the Android Pie program have already gone up — here’s the FAQ section and here are the terms and conditions. Furthermore, xda-developers says that the Pie beta will launch by the end of the month.

The Android Pie beta for Samsung’s latest Galaxy S and Note phones is coming up. We have already seen the alpha builds and gone hands-on with them on the Galaxy S9.

This beta is now more stable than ever and with more features than we have seen in previous alphas. Samsung has finally fixed their design quirks and the night theme.

In the US, buyers who own an unlocked Galaxy S9, a T-Mobile S9, or a Sprint version of the handset will be able to run the Pie beta. What’s interesting is that Samsung insider Ice Universe posted a GIF animation on Twitter teasing Android Pie beta for the Galaxy Note 9:

In this update

Samsung has finally fixed the night theme.

This means that instead of having white cards on top of a black background, we now have white cards on an off-white background.

When you enable the switch it will show the UI that is all so familiar. The night theme now has gray cards on a pure black background.

Night theme will be easier on the eyes at night and save battery at the same time.

The older betas had gestures in settings, but there was an issue where they wouldn’t actually work. All they would do is show the gesture hints or the settings. Now, on the latest update, gestures actually work.

You just swipe up in the position of the button on the nav bar and it works. When using this mode it will fully hide the navbar and push apps all the way to the bottom of the screen.

When the beta is released officially, users will be able to sign up for the beta through the Samsung+ app in the US, Samsung Members in Korea, and the UK. Members of the beta program will have access to beta forums, beta feedback, and beta notice.

Beta notices are messages about the beta. These are messages about new updates, features, and the beta in general. Beta feedback is where you provide private feedback and bug logs for anything you might encounter.

One thing the new beta will include, aside from all the new tricks Google built into Android 9.0 this year, is the new Samsung Experience 10 user interface that leaked a few days ago. Here’s a video preview of it in action:

YouTube player

It’s unclear when the Note 9 will join the Pie beta program, however.


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