Apple Video Streaming: Rival of Netflix and Prime

Apple’s ‘Show Time’ event is scheduled to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, starting at 10.30pm IST.

This event will be very amazing and reveal several services at this event.

This event not all about hardware because the company announced several new products last week.

This time Apple will enter the online streaming platform with some great exciting way hope.

Every userknow very well, Apple always is known for the best of best and also for unique things.

But yes this time is all about online streaming platform and this time it’s a very popular and booming market.

Apple has always learned from prior mistakes – Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke- by resources.

The technology maker has gathered a platform of talent to take on household names like Netflix and Amazon.

Apple video streaming service: What to expect?

  • Apple could launch its video streaming service at $9.99 (roughly Rs. 700) per month in the US.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will reportedly bundle HBO, Straz, and Showtime along with its streaming service.
  • Recent coming rumors suggest that Apple will offer a 3-month trial for the first time period for their new service with different subscription plans.
  • This subscription plan depending on the resolution setting you select like– 4K or FHD for the price range.
  • There is good news for Marvel sci-fic lovers some Marvel Cinematic Universe content being available on Apple’s upcoming video streaming service.

Netflix has confirmed that it will not integrate with Apple’s video streaming service.

Reports also say Apple’s event will be attended by several Hollywood stars which also make it more exiting.

Apple news subscription service goes, it’s expected to be quite similar to Texture magazine app which is Apple acquired last year.

There has been no indication of if or when the news or video streaming services will launch in India.

It’s also unknown at the moment whether Apple’s video streaming service will be available on non-Apple platforms such as Windows or Android.


  • Apple will also be planning to include much original content from sci-fi films to comedies with a big one star-studded line-up of talented performers in upcoming months.
  • Apple also plans to have spent USD 1 billion on original content with names such as M Night Shyamalan, Oprah Winfrey and there are several others.

Which platforms applicable to these upcoming platforms –

Apple’s streaming service not bound with only Apple devices but it will likely be accessible to all users, regardless of the device; now that’s something you don’t hear every day.

All these devise are will get this service for know-

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Apple TV
  • Safari browser on Macs
  • Windows PCs

Users can also expect to see it built into the latest smart televisions as brands like you know

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • LG

These specified devices are well known and already features support for existing Apple streaming services to make it easy.

Tim Cook gears up for the event

“Excited for a big day ahead” Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets minutes before the event.

Apple’s reinvention as a services company

Know, Apple is looking beyond its traditional approach of unveiling products. Today, Apple wants to be a services company and to succeed as a services company.

Apple always we a remark for other companies and recent year, Apple became the number one profitable company in the world.

Apple already knows about online streaming platforms value and that’s why Apple can not afford to limit the availability of its services to iPhone and Mac users only to bound it’s limited.

Today, we all know Apple is competing with the likes of Netflix streaming service – which can be worked on almost any device with a smart screen.

After struggling with hardware sales, Apple now looks to tap the growing digital entertainment market.

Already, its ‘services’ platforms Apple Music, App Store, and Apple Pay are doing very well.

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