Google Maps Public Events: Add, Edit And Delete

It looks like Google Maps has started allowing users to create public events and share those events with other members.

This feature going to be very great for users to easily know about a there local circle with Google Maps.

The feature, which was first spotted by Android Police, works through the app’s existing Contribute section where you could previously rate businesses and add crowdsourced information.

You can set an event’s name, location, date and time, and assign various other tags and images to describe what’s taking place.

Google hasn’t officially announced it yet but it’s currently available for select users. At the moment of writing this, Google Maps events feature may be limited to Android users.

Google has also updated its support page to reflect details about the new feature. The support page says that the feature may not be available in all regions.

To add an event, head to Google Maps on Android, tap on Contribute >Events > Add a public event.

You can add an

  • event name
  • tag
  • location
  • time
  • date of the event as well.
Google maps event

It’s all part of the app’s transformation from a service that tells you how to get somewhere into one that tells you where you might want to go in the first place.

According to reports, the performance of the app is somewhat inconsistent at the moment, which explains why the feature is not accessible to everyone.

How to add or create an event in Google Maps

    Make sure that you have an updated Google Maps running in your phone.

    1. Go to the Google Play Store and see whether you have received an update.

    2. Open Google Maps application in your Android phone or tablet.

    3. Navigate to ‘Contribute’ tab > Events.

    4. Now tap the option ‘Add a public event.’

    5. Now, add all basic and required information like the name of the event, location, time and more.

How to edit or delete your event in Google Maps

    1. Google Maps in your Android phone or tablet and tap the ‘Contribute’ tab.

    2. Navigate to events > Select your event.

    3. Tap ‘Edit this event.’

    4. Make all the necessary changes to follow the next on-screen instructions.

    5. Similarly, you can delete your event.

    6. Go to Google Maps > Contribute > Events > Edit this event > Delete this event.

So far, Google has focused on recommending locations with fixed opening times, but event listings should help you find activities that are more time-specific.

Separately, Google has also reintroduced the city, state, and country borders on Maps for Android.

The feature was removed without any warning a few months ago. The borders show up when a user types broad searches like a city, or a state, or a country.

Earlier, the borders were highlighted with grey, but now, the area that you search is highlighted with red. In some searches, the feature showed a pin, while in some the new outline features showed up.

However, the social network might not have too much to worry about just yet.

But Android Police notes that Google Maps’ implementation is a little laggy at the moment. Events taking up to an hour to actually appear on a map. Hopefully, this improves as the functionality is more widely rolled out.

Also, the same case is happing with ‘add new business’.

Also, Google Maps rolled out a feature that let users report accidents and speed traps while navigating to their destinations. It’s also a great, feature of Google Maps.

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