Watch “How to use syntax and comment in python | Full Python Course in Hindi” on YouTube

So you are finally here to get next video of python. That means you are interested to learn more about python.

This is great and in this video you are going to understand all about Python and its better basic understanding.

what is the basic concept how we run commands and what is the syntax of python. What is indentation how we write python code.

all the basic about Python is actually in this video. Also for more information you will just go to watch this video and understand everything about python’s basic.

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How to use syntax is a big deal in Python. You need to understand it very well before going to write your first code on python.

In this video you will understand all about how to use syntax in Python. It’s very simply and by using code examples and practice. At last you will also have some questions which will you need to search and read to make yourself more comfortable in Python


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