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How to use Variable is a very important concept in any programming language. Same as it is in Python, variable plays a very important role because without variable you don’t have to hold the values.

What variable will do in Python and what is the scope of variable in Python language

It’s important to understand how to use variable very well before going to code in Python.

if you are a very beginner on programming language and this Python is your first language. Also you have any kind of question or problem to doing a code in Python. Then comment me your question I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Variable is holding a data and there is a lots of type of data which variable will hold. For this you need to understand variable and its power and behaviour very well.

In Python will going to understand how many data types variable will have like as list, tuple, set and dictionary these are the very important and popular data types in Python.

in this video you will going to understand very well how to use variable in Python programming language with lots of programming and coding. Also you get a questions which you need to solve.


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